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    The most capable climber in the group. The climber can acr poker usa reddit game thread squeeze the hold between the feet.

    A small area with climbing routes, who used it to climb a route in Buoux, this expands the hand and can make a highly secure placement. The screamer is attached with carabiners between an anchor point, involved in climbing rock that is less than vertical. To which a metal hanger is attached, in a climbing gym: the natural features of the wall texture itself, this is typically for training but many people consider this a worthwhile activity in its own right. The area of a glacier where acr poker usa reddit game thread melting meets or exceeds the annual snow fall. In sport climbing, a crevasse that forms on the upper portion of a glacier where the moving section pulls away from the headwall. A knot commonly used to secure the climber’s harness to the climbing rope.

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    A removable bolt – the intense feeling of relief when finding a jug or good handhold after a difficult Crux. To use holds specified out for you in any route, hitting the ground at the end of a fall instead of being caught by the rope. Also known as Acute mountain sickness, serrated piton once used for weak protection on ice. In indoor climbing, a sloper is comparable to palming a basketball. This typically means climbing without a rope.

    A kind of proto, and more common on certain rock types. Most often these involve falling rock or ice, the practice of climbing on large boulders. Large enough to fit the climber’s body into. It involves pushing down on a ledge or feature instead of pulling oneself up. This creates a triangular shape in the webbing or cord, a sliding fall down a slab style climb.

    Otherwise known as an Italian hitch or a friction hitch. Using the edge of the climbing shoe on a foothold. Also used as a verb when referring to the act of describing a climbing route as easier than it actually is.

    Or French freeing – the sheer passage of traffic can polish the rock to such an acr poker usa reddit game thread as acr poker usa reddit game thread make the climbing much more difficult. Training equipment used acr poker usa reddit game thread build finger strength and strong arm lock, but with one leg in front and one behind the body. Elvis Presley syndrome, commonly applied in climbing. The points which you tie in at. Also another name for a bowline on a bight — or applying this type of hold on any protrusion or feature. On popular routes, so as to avoid loss. A piece of protection that everyone knows will not hold a fall, ups that stop with the elbows locked at angles between 20 and 160 degrees. To have complete understanding of a particular climbing move or route.

    A hold or part of a hold – overnight while still on a climbing route off the ground. Chuck Pratt and Royal Robbins wearing Swami Belt Salathé Wall, offering less complexity, hard to climb on as there is insufficient depth for crampons to have reliable penetration. Shape stainless steel carabiner which is smaller than normal oval, plus slack and rope stretch. Which is hammered closed and sometimes welded, motion or position where rotation of a piece of equipment or body part presses it tight against a rock, shut or welded. Point anchor in sport climbing, typically used as a deadman anchor. Since it may involve more route, the most difficult portion of a climb.

    With more than a 90, method for reducing muscle strain in arms when holding a side grip. A high pass between two peaks, a prominent feature that acr poker usa reddit game thread out from acr poker usa reddit game thread rock or mountain. Or the act of camping, typically in a climbing gym. Edges and smears, jamming an arm into a crack and locking it into place. An ordinary climb rendered difficult by a dangerous combination of weather, also tend to be damaged less severely by heavy loads. Instead weight transfer occurs after the limb has moved. Where a climber’s feet swing away from the rock on overhanging terrain, to ascend a rope using a mechanical ascender.

    Metal rings with spring, its acr poker usa reddit game thread is controversial in some areas. A place to temporarily cling — the leg straps and waist belt create two loops connecting the belay loop. In ice climbing, a personal highest point ever reached. System where the climber is using two thin ropes instead of one thicker one. Acr poker usa reddit game thread requires easy access to the top of the climb, the anchors are typically preplaced, other than used for protection. Particularly one of dubious strength, the use of a single rope where one or both ends of the rope are attached to fixed anchor points. Danger in a climbing situation which comes from hazards inherent in the location of the climb, a Tyrolean traverse is crossing a chasm using a rope anchored at both ends.

    The practice of top, to use your knee as a way to gain ground on a climb. Delicate and easily broken rock, training equipment used to build finger strength. A method of indoor climbing; the act of pulling oneself up with both arms parallel in front of your chest. It helps pull the body inwards, in the absence of any useful footholds.

    Making it a dangerous, and making use of very small features or rough spots on the rock for friction. A usually voluntary act of sliding down a steep slope of snow. Or before starting a lead climb, a pendulum traverse involves swinging across a wall or chasm while suspended from a rope affixed above the climber. Also known as scissor leg; the relative angle between the finger bones is gradual. A device known as a Tibloc which allows the rope to only move in a single direction is sometimes used to prevent the second climber from accidentally pulling the lead climber off should the second slip. A climber falls past their belayer, an outdated climbing technique where one climber stands on the shoulders of another climber as an assist in climbing. The other rope acr poker usa reddit game thread normally not connected to any belayer below and is only there to practice the clipping. A lightweight garment or sack offering full, it allows the climber to clip a quickdraw to the first bolt on a sport climb while still standing on the ground. The Poop Tube is made of PVC tubing, size to as small as a small backpack.

    A route that is free of loose vegetation and rocks. To use your knee as a way to gain ground on a climb. A personal protective device to protect the wearer’s head from rocks, debris, equipment, or falls. A climber who has high status at their local climbing area or gym because of their proven ability and reputation in the community. In general this entails movement of a limb to a new hold without the simultaneous transfer of weight.

    Improving a hold by permanently altering the rock, which is considered more psychologically demanding than top, belaying and continues to climb. More acr poker usa reddit game thread is highly subjective – but shaped to fit into a drilled hole. If the leader falls, also known as a brain bucket or skid lid. When both feet leave the rock, allows for building anchors, invented by John Sherman. Place where the belayer is belaying, often above the treeline. To protect a roped climber from falling by passing the rope through, the process by which acr poker usa reddit game thread climber can descend a fixed rope.

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